Benefits Of Using A Moving Service For Local Or Cross-Country Moves

Whether you are making a local move or relocating across the country, weighing the benefits of packing up by yourself or investing in commercial full-service moving services is complex. You need to balance the costs of the service with the perks and determine which method works best for your situation and skillset. There are many standard options available when researching a moving company, but sometimes it can be hard to break those down into what it really means for you. Ultimately, many of the perks end up benefitting your time, while protecting your belongings and making your life easier. 


Moving isn't just about packing up years of mementos, small appliances, furniture, and linens and transporting them from one point to another. There are lots of logistics that only you can handle, such as paying security deposits on new utilities and turning off old ones, registering for trash collection with a local municipality, enrolling kids in new schools, planning a new commute, forwarding mail, and coordinating driver's license transfers and insurance updates. The actual experience of moving is something you can outsource to leave bandwidth for your must-do tasks. When new demands, such as a job switch or family changes, are leading to the move, it's even more important to reduce stress and redirect focus where it is needed. 


Professional movers are skilled in packing a home, disassembling furniture, and loading and unloading a moving truck. This skill translates to peak efficiency when handling your move. In a matter of hours, a crew can disassemble an entire home or an apartment, which could take you weeks at a piecemeal packing rate or days when you are more focused. Professional moving companies are also focused on safety, including best lifting practices and proper securing of loads, and maintain insurance policies that provide an added level of protection for your possessions should an accident occur on the road or during the moving process.

Added benefits

When your move extends beyond basic household goods and includes items in storage units or extra vehicles, some storage companies are able to provide access to additional services or provide a recommendation for your home overflow. For example, they may offer leases on commercial portable storage containers for your storage unit holdings. The moving services available could also include assisting with the transport or storage of boats or RVs during the moving process. Combining services with one provider often helps maximize your budget through bundling.

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