7 Easy Tips To Make Moving Day Painless

Moving day can be a very stressful occasion, even with the help of a professional moving service! It is a major task, and involves a lot of forethought and planning to tackle effectively. Here are some clever moving tips to greatly ease your troubles on moving day.

Create a Plan of Action

Plan ahead, and stick to the schedule as much as possible! Some people wait until the last minute to do everything, but certain things require advance preparation to get done in time. For example, if you don't defrost and clean your refrigerator a full day before the move, you risk having a stinky mess soaking into your surrounding boxes and upholstery.

Make a Packing Supplies Basket

Many people already do this for their Christmas-wrapping supplies, so why not do the same for moving supplies? Keeping an easily-toted basket with your supplies around can cut down on those endless laps you have to make to other rooms for anything you may have forgotten to bring.

For Easy Lifting, Cut Hand-holds in the Sides of Boxes

Use a box-cutter to cut some square holes on either side of heavy boxes. This will give you a much easier and secure hold!

Slip Garbage Bags Over Clothes Left on their Hangars

If you don't have a purpose-built box to hang up your closet's wardrobe, try cutting a small hole at the bottom of a garbage bag. Then just slip them over the clothes, while leaving them on their hangars. That way they are kept clean, and it's as simple as pulling the bag off and hanging them back up again on the other side!

Photograph wired Electronics

If you don't enjoy figuring out how to reassemble your living room entertainment system, then try photographing the back of your electronics. This makes everything as simple as matching things back up once you're ready to unpack!

Organize Bolts and Screws

If you have to dismantle anything in order to take it along, remember to keep the screws organized! Don't fret, however. Organizing attachments and screws can be as simple as a labelled sandwich bag, or even just taped to the side of the object with packaging tape!

Keep ALL Liquids Separate

This tip is exactly what it sounds like; if it's liquid, then put it in a separate plastic bin. The last thing anyone wants is for some random jug of liquids or cleaning chemicals to burst, and damage or possibly outright destroy everything else in that box.