Items To Keep Out Of A Moving Truck

When making a move from your home to a new one, you will be busy for weeks beforehand with packing items so they are safe while being transported by a moving company. When you are sorting through your belongings, there are a few items you should set aside to bring to your new home on your own rather than placing them into a box or container to make the move in a truck. Here are some items best left out of a moving truck.

Valuable Paperwork

Do not place your important documents or jewelry into a moving truck as they may be hard to replace if damage or unfortunate theft occurs. These should be locked into a container and placed in your vehicle where you can keep an eye on them. Avoid using a safe as it will attract attention if someone peeks into your vehicle when you park. Before placing the items in the container, take a photograph of each one in case something happens to them while you are in transit. Email these photographs to yourself so you can easily obtain them if something happens to your cell phone as well.


Chemicals will most likely be on a list of prohibited items to move in a professional moving truck. Do not try to sneak paint, gasoline, oil, or bleach inside a container to be brought to your new home. If one of these were to spill inside the truck, you put your belongings at risk for damage. It is also a hazard to the workers. Instead of moving these items, dispose of them properly before you leave your old home by calling a hazardous waste service to pick them up, if possible.

Laptops And Phones

While it is certainly possible to move laptops and phones in a moving truck, it can be an inconvenience if something were to happen to the truck and you would not be able to obtain your items right away. Instead, place them in your own vehicle to move so you can use them when wanted. Keep the chargers with you as well.

Overnight Items

Do not pack away anything you think you will need for your first night or two in your new home. Consider packing a box to include an outfit or two, toiletries, paper plates, plastic utensils, any medications needed, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and sleeping bag. These items will come in handy should you get to your new home before the moving company arrives.