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3 Tips To Protect Your Items From Water Damage While In A Storage Unit

Storage units are a nice place to store your things if you are in need of extra space. However, if you live in a rainy climate, then you will quickly find that a storage unit isn't that great at keeping water out. During heavy rain, water can flood the unit from the base or enter through a leaky roof. This often results in water damage to all your valuable items. As a result, it is up to you to protect your items from water damage while they are sitting in a storage unit. Read More 

Take Extra Care With Filing Cabinets In Quake Zones

Living in a quake zone means taking extra steps to ensure furniture won't fall on top of you if the ground starts to shake. If you're in an office, this is especially important because offices usually have cubicle walls that aren't the sturdiest anchor points for tall furniture. File cabinets are a particular danger because of their weight and the fact that they have these easy-rolling drawers that can inflict extra damage. Read More