Mapping Out Your Yearly Action Plan for Your Storage Unit

If you have had a storage unit for a while, you might not have a good idea of what items you are hanging on to, and if you plan to keep renting the unit for the time being, it might be time to take inventory of your things in order to keep this space active. Here are four ways you can map out an action plan to stick to when it comes to reassessing items in your storage unit on a yearly basis.

1. Start by Reassessing Items in Your Home

Before you visit your storage unit, it is a good time to go through your home and collect seasonal items such as sporting equipment and decorations to pack up and bring back to storage. You may have pulled out these items long ago from your unit and never returned them, or maybe you accumulated new items along the way.

2. Bring Along Cleaning Supplies

The next step will be to access your storage unit and get to tackling the contents. It is a good idea to bring along cleaning supplies and clean what you can before and after assessing items. If your boxes are covered with dust, make sure you have a broom, rag, and hand-held vacuum to take care of this layer of dust before opening and going through items safe inside.

3. Pull Everything Out of Storage to Review

Once you are in your storage unit and have cleared off any dirt and grime, it is a good idea to physically pull out all items and review what you have. This might not be necessary with larger items such as couches or tables. When it comes to mystery boxes and bags, you should review these yearly and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to trash. If you have a friend that can help with this process it can speed things along, especially if older items might slow you down or make you emotional.

4. Revisit the Size of the Storage Unit You Might Need

You might be surprised by how many items you won't need after you've reviewed everything in storage. Once you've given the space a clean sweep and put back all of the items you'll be keeping, you might realize that you don't need as big of a storage unit after all. You can always downsize to a smaller space at this point if you are ready for it.

While going through your storage unit can seem like a pain, you might feel invigorated after the process. You may have unearthed some lost items you would like back in your home. Having a clean, organized, labeled space will give you a better handle on what you have. You won't be left scratching your head at piles of boxes that have been long forgotten. If you're in need of a storage unit, contact a representative from a facility like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage.