Tips On Handling A Move During A Snowstorm

If you're unlucky enough to have a snowstorm come on your move day, you're going to have to put some extra thought and caution into planning your move.

Ideally, you have the flexibility to switch your move to a day with better weather. Yet many of those in the process of moving to a new residence just want to get the task finished as soon and as quickly as possible. 

The following six tips will help you get through a move smoothly even if you're handling it in the midst of a blizzard:

Put the weather on in the background

Things will be hectic on move-in day, so you'll want to multi-task. If you keep a weather report on while your packing, moving, and unloading, you'll know what to expect as the day progresses. 

Don't pack your snow supplies

Avoid wasting time by having to unpack your snow supplies. If you're moving during the wintertime, you probably want to pack snow supplies like shovels, heavy winter jackets, gloves, and boots last since it's likely that you'll need these items to get the job done. 

Stock up on deicers

Safety is definitely a big issue when you're having to move your stuff in the snow. If there's a lot of snowfall, chances are high that ice and slush might be developing on your driveway and sidewalks. This creates a precarious surface for walking over with heavy boxes and furniture pieces. Get rid of as much of the slippery stuff as possible with a good deicer to keep you and your helpers injury-free. 

Prepare your vehicle(s)

One of the biggest complications of a snowstorm on move-in day is the effect winter weather has on a vehicle. If you've got an older vehicle, it will be more likely to have trouble starting and to malfunction because of the low temperatures. 

You can prepare your vehicle by getting a new battery beforehand if you need it and taking care of any maintenance. You can also make your car and any moving vans you may be using better equipped for the conditions with snow chains or snow tires. 

Look ahead regarding road conditions

Depending on how far you're moving, road conditions could be significantly different at your new home from how they are at your old place. Hopefully, you can either listen to the news or contact someone you know living in the new neighborhood to get a report on the condition of the roads before you leave your original home with all of your possession in tow. 

Keep this in mind and enlist the help of local moving companies, such as Redondo Van & Storage, that will hopefully have some experience moving in the snow.