4 Somewhat Weird Yet Extremely Useful Moving Tips

When you let your friends and family know that you're packing up house and moving, they'll likely be more than happy to offer you some moving tips. This is true even if they've never moved once in their lives. This isn't to say that some of their moving tips won't be beneficial, but here are a few that you can rest easy knowing that will work even if they do sound a bit odd:

1. All of Your Stuff Does Not Go in a Box.

When you are packing up your personal belongings, you may think that you'll need to fit everything into a box individually. However, this is simply not true. In fact, it isn't recommended because you can find a lot of empty space in items that you are packing. For example, those empty food storage containers and bowls with lids in the kitchen can be used to pack smaller items, such as utensils and spices. The crock pot can also house some items.

2. Remove Your Towels from the Bathroom and Put Them in the Kitchen.

One of the most useful packing tips in the kitchen is to use foam plates between glass plates. However, what do you do when the foam plates won't work with certain pieces of kitchenware, like baking dishes? These items still need to be packed in such a way that they won't be easily broken during the move. This is where the bathroom towels can come in handy. You can use them in between larger breakable items to conserve space and protect the items.

3. Do Not Throw All of Your Old Junk Away.

Usually, it is suggested that you purge your stuff before you pack and move. However, some of those old items that you would be getting rid of can actually be useful during the move. For example, old bedding and linens, such as blankets and sheets, can be used to protect larger items that you are moving. You can use old sheets to wrap around your box springs and mattress. You can utilize old blankets by wrapping headboards, mirrors and table tops. You can always get rid of these items when you arrive at your new place.

4. Take Pictures of Anything and Everything.

Before you start packing things up or tearing things down, take pictures. This way when you get to the new house and start wondering how in the world all of your knick-knacks fit into your curio cabinet, you can pull out the picture and organize your items just how they were before. The same is true for the cabinets in your kitchen for glassware and dishes, as well as the arrangement of the wires and cables of your electronics. When you get to your new house, you'll be thankful that you have those pictures. Plus, these pictures may come in handy if something gets lost or damaged in the moving process.

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